Myth 1: Lithium-ion battery should not be charged unless it’ s fully discharged

Fact: This is one of the most common myths that seems to have plagued the minds of most individuals who use devices powered by lithium-ion batteries. Sadly, this is wrong notion. Waiting for the battery to be fully drained before recharging it does not guarantee an improved performance. In fact, it reduces the effectiveness of the battery over time. Remember, all batteries have only a limited number of charge cycles and waiting for the battery to get fully drained counts as a full charge cycle. So, it is advised to not wait for the battery to get fully drained before charging it back up to its full capacity.

Myth 2: Lithium-ion battery gets overcharged if it is left plugged in for too long

Fact: This is yet again a false notion. Lithium-ion batteries are designed in a way that they stop charging once fully charged. This means that once your battery charging level reaches 100%, the process of charging stops automatically and the power supply to the battery is cut off. Batteries built on older technologies where prone to overheating if left unplugged for a long time.

Myth 3 – Only use “Original” company chargers  

Fact: A large number of people believe that using an unofficial or an aftermarket charger may reduce the effectiveness of their lithium-ion battery. However, this is just another myth. Though the charger provided by the manufacturer is ideal, using identical charger as a replacement doesn’t really impact the effectiveness of your battery. Most modern chargers can be used to charge your lithium-ion batteries and often the only difference you’ll find is in the charging time. But if you plan on buying replacement chargers, do well to avoid cheap knock-off chargers.

Myth 4: Battery must be charged for 24 hours for the first time

Fact: This is yet another big myth. Lithium-ion batteries don’t really need any long-term charging for first-time use. And mostly after a normal charge, the device becomes ready to use. However, it makes sense to heed manufacturer’s recommendations for first-time charging of your device.

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